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The essence of every business is to ultimately MAKE SUSTAINABLE PROFIT REPEATEDLY whilst ensuring that cost stays at the barest minimum. So when you run a business that make sales but you & your business are constantly broke at the end of every month, something is fundamentally wrong..... It behoves me to ask what could be the problem?


Statistically, it has been proven that at least 85% of the problems of a start-up business (SME) is a direct result of the lack of BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SKILLS on the part of the lead entrepreneur

What Will You Learn From This Course?

Participants would have mastered the following skills:

1. Be able to correctly diagnose and document business challenge(s) and develop strategic options for addressing these challenge(s) in record time.

2. Know how to analyse a new idea to ascertain the survival quotient of an intended business/product/service before they even launch out.

3. Understand the core essence of branding, advertising and public relations, and are also able to deploy easy-to-use modules to design and implement these tenets in their business even if it is a no-capital start-up business.

4. Develop a simplified cash flow system and portfolio management system that allows them pay themselves very well without tempering with the liquidity health of their start-up business.

5. Be able to carry out a full diagnostics on your business and develop a comprehensive BUSINESS AUDIT REPORT to check their business health without requiring the service of a business consultant.

Meet Your Tutor

Zuberu Kadiri

As a business engineer par excellence, over the last decade and half, I have successfully helped many businesses as well as local/international business support agencies (including the WORLD BANK) design MODELS, TEMPLATES & SYSTEMS that have been proven to work and are creating transgenerational business entities with local and international footprints.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs LEARN to ask the right questions about their business challenges in a bid to diagnose the true influences that are behind their business struggles whilst seeking to optimise their productivity & profitability. As I would always ask:

"How do you recognise an answer if you don't even know what the question is in the first place?" In otherwords, how do you recognise that a key is the right fit for a lock if you don't first understand how the lock works?


To be sincere ZUberu Kadiri (the czarconomist) has a gift of looking at a business and immediately knowing what needs to be done to make it better. It's crazy but then it's an amazing experience. I will always be grateful for @czarconomist Becoming my coach and mentor.

Imoh Iniakpaniko


Brand Her Africa Consulting Ltd

The CzarConomist; A sound and solid pillar of business solutions and in-depth wealth of business acumen. In our various endeavors in which we have partnered, collaborated and executed business briefs together till date, We are simply at rest knowing that a solution is definitely in view when The CzarConomist is involved at any stage of business issues arising.

Olatunde Odebiyi -

Principal Consultant/ Director

Cornelli and Mosh Consults Ltd

Zuberu Kadiri - aka "Czarconomist" is a Consultant extra ordinary. Working with him has only one end result - Success!I have worked with him on a number of business projects, some with tight deadlines (24 hours) and he delivered! He knows his onions and gets to the root of the issue no matter what it may cost him. He is a professional to the core. I will recommend him 101%.

Ehis Egbuji

Lead Consultant

SBA Accounting

Its been a mind blowing session at the BBM conclave. This is MBA in 4 days. My head and my business is about to explode!!!

.... All I can say is if your business does not have The DESTINY Code then you do not yet have a business!

Zuberu demystifies business solutions like he was born to do this.

If after attending this workshop you are still broke, then you need to return to your village! LOL!!!

Padebi Ojomo


The Padebi Ojomo Company

This is best and all-in-one masterclass packaged ever! It gives you clear thinking and direction about your business. The BBM conclave is worth over N200, 000 in fees because the value far outweighs what we paid for it.

Thanks you CzarConomist. I am still recovering from the tsunami of business facts and information I have dazzle with. BBMMC surpasses and exceeded all my expectations and left me with every question I had answered satisfactorily.

It examined my business and gave me the the tools to fix and master my business processes. I am a certified MBA holder in business makeover!

Kayode Agbosasa


Kagbo Prestige

My heart leapt as I listened to him speak. My core shook as his words pierced into my marrows..
It wasn’t much about what he said but the passion and clarity with which he said this. How he shared his story openly and opened our minds to possibilities outside a Law degree.
As chatty as I can be, whenever I’m excited in my spirit, I become very quiet.
As I listened to Zuberu Kadiri quietly that day in August 2014 in a small hall filled with the Law Students at Unilag, I concluded I wanted to be “this”.Whatever it was that got him so high, I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to learn it. I wanted to own it.
When he was done with his session and about to leave, I knew I had to connect. I could not afford missing a date with destiny so I waddled my heavily pregnant body towards him and impressed him enough to give me his phone number.That was the official beginning of my spiritual journey into what I do today.
Starting with selling sunglasses like he shared in his story that he did so successfully. I still remember how he said Nigeria, being a tropical country, can never run out of buyers of sunglasses.
Czar has been a friend, a steady support and a very handsome mentor even though his ‘twin’ brother @iamsteveharris likes to think he’s more good-looking.Today, just because I remembered how far I have come and your contribution to my growth, I celebrate you @czarconomist.
Thank you for mind blowing conversations, clarity sessions, exhilarating experiences like my first limousine experience, and connections with destiny-shaping friends like @lyndaiheanachor
Keep being amazing sir.

Temi Ajibewa



Class Materials

Participants are allowed to come with their laptops for the class as plug points will be provided. Do remember that this class is only for 30 persons so do book your slot swiftly before the slots fill up!

Class Time

Monday November 26th

Tuesday November 27th

Wednesday November 28th

Class Time

The classes will run from 9am - 3pm each day and refreshments will be served at 2 intervals during each day.

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The cost of attending this November Session is N60,000. Registration ends November 24th 2018.

So what are you waiting for?

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